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Production principle and main function of TDK inductor and transformer


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Production principle and main function of TDK inductor and transformer


As commonly used electronic components, inductors and transformers are both electromagnetic induction components wound by insulated wires, what are the similarities and differences between them?

1.The production principle

The production principle of the inductor: a series of coaxial turns made of enameled wire, gauze wire, etc. wound on the insulation skeleton or magnetic core and iron core.

Transformer production principle: transformer is a power type device, large volume, heavy component, which use its primary side, secondary side (at least two winding) to change the voltage ratio or current ratio, to achieve the transmission and distribution of electrical energy or signal.

2.The main function

The main functions of inductor: to isolate and filter the AC signal, or form the resonant circuit with capacitors, resistors and other components.

The main functions of transformers: reducing AC voltage, increasing AC voltage, signal coupling, conversion impedance, isolation and so on.

3.The way to generate voltage

When a coil is connected to an AC power supply, through self-induction, an electromotive force (induced electromotive force) is generated in a direction that impedes a change in current. The direct current is not affected by it. The inductor has the effect of preventing short circuit and making its current continuous in the circuit.

The transformer generates voltage through its own inductance to the secondary side, which is mainly classified by the output voltage and current size.

4.Connection type

The inductor in the circuit is generally connected with the AC circuit in series, although the inductor has a blocking effect on the AC current, but it is not completely do not let the AC through.

The transformer is connected in the circuit in parallel with the AC power supply, using different taps or windings to play a role in the AC current.


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